Raspberry Coconut icecream

Raspberry Coconut icecream

I have wanted to try my hand at making a healthy ice cream in our home for a long time and I was finally gifted an ice cream maker. YAY!!!!  So with no more excuses I started playing with recipes that would fit in with our way of eating, and here is the tasty results and a favourite in our family.  The berries are interchangeable so you can easily make this a blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, logan berry, any berry you can dream of.  Have fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.



****This is a Thermomix recipe, but can just as easily be done in a pot with a whisk, and then added to an icecream maker.  If you do have a thermomix and not an icecream maker you can alternatively freeze the mixture in ice blocks and when almost frozen pop back into the thermomix to turning to an icecream.


2 eggs,

1 vanilla bean (scrapings from the inside, and pod went into the homemade vanilla essence),

Sweetener to taste, I occasionally use stevia but a favourite is rehydrated dates blended (10 dates) , you could use anything that you like or you could leave it out,

1 can of coconut milk 380-400 gram,

2 Table Spoons of coconut oil,

pinch of salt,

1/2 cup of frozen raspberries,

1/2 cup of raw cashews  roughly chopped.


1. Put 2 eggs in the thermomix with the whisk blade in, with vanilla scrapings, and sweetener.

2. Mix on speed 4 for 5 mins.

3. Pour in coconut milk and oil, mix on speed 5 for 7 mins temp 38c

4. Put half the frozen raspberries and cashews into the icecream maker.

5. Pour icecream mix into the icecream maker, and put the remain raspberries and cashews on top.

6. Following the directions for your machine, turn on for at least 20 mins.

7. Transfer to the freezer for 2-3 hours.

8. Enjoy!



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