Hey, Mums and Dad's! Does your family need gut healing? Have you been playing with the idea of doing a protocol to bring healing about in your family? Are you concerned that you don't know where to start?  Or have you been doing something for a while, but need more support and help?

I remember being at the very beginning of our Gut healing journey four years ago and struggling to find support, recipes and resources.  I also know how challenging it can be when you know you need to make changes, but just don't know what those changes look like; where to start, where to go next, and how to cook in a way that is both tasty and nutritious that your family will eat! But also bring healing to their bodies.  That is where I step in! 










So who am I?

Hello, my name is Christina Mathewson I'm  a mother of 7 beautiful children, wife, a health coach, fermentation expert, teacher and so much more.

In 2009 my family started it's journey with the GAPS Diet. The changes that we saw were amazing, and from those changes, I began sharing that with the world via my blog at the time (The Joy of the Home) and helping others learn the skills that are needed to achieve.

Welcome to the family

Having done GAPS myself, I know the challenges that are faced when undertaking any gut healing protocol.  I want you to know that you are not alone.  Which is why I created the GAPS Support Australia group on Facebook, which has grown to over 1,000 members with the sole purpose to support others, share information and recipes. Please feel free to join. 


Fermented Foods






Over the last four years, I have assisted 100's of people through their GAPS journey, with my recipes, meal plans, fermentation workshops, videos, resources, support groups, and one on one coaching.  

If you would like to learn more about me, you can hear me speak on A Quirky Journey, Click the link to listen to my interview

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 If you decide that my group coaching program is right for you, you will receive
- 8x weekly 2-hourly group Skype coaching sessions (Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm Tas.)
- 3 x 1-hour phone or skype individual sessions.
- Unlimited Email support.
- Access to a private Facebook group.
- Meal plan and recipes. 
- Symptoms Charts
- Plenty of support to help you navigate your way through a Gut Healing program and the best approach for your family.
- Together we will iron out the problems and celebrate the wins as you take your family through this healing journey.
- Practical tips on how to fit diet changes into your life and answer questions you may have along the way.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Christina)
Email: Familyhealthnaturally@gmail.com if you need more information.

Unlimited Email Contact

This features of the package are one of the most useful elements; it means you can ask me any many questions as you need when you need.

Email contact has got to be one of the most useful features as we all have those 5-minute questions or just need to talk about what happened that day or when is coming up over the next few days.


Connecting with others that are experiencing what you are going through is a fantastic tool to help you on your road to success.  There is nothing like chatting with another mother that knows what it is like to work hard the kitchen preparing healthy meals for the family only to have them refuse to eat it?  Or have children with severe digestive and allergy issues and have to be the mum that takes all their food with them.


We have all experienced those comments from well-meaning friends and family; that say "you are being silly", "it's only a little bite", "they will grow out of it", "there isn't really something wrong".  But you know it's more than nothing, they won't just grow out of it, and you want better for your children. That is where the support group helps so much because you are with a group of mothers that know what it is like to walk the joining of healing.


So how much will it cost! You get the 8-week online group coaching package valued at $1000 for the discounted price of $285 or 2 payments of $150. 

A word from those that have worked with me.


Thank you, Christina, for introducing me to GAPS and coaching me over the last 8 weeks. Being a busy mum of 4 children, 2 with ADHD, I eagerly wanted to help my kids with as much as possible naturally. We are now on some great supplements and adding GAPS approved food into all of our meals. I had no idea how GAPS worked before, but now I have a good understanding and knowledge of what I need to do. Thank you for inspiring us each step of the way.



"Christina was fantastic. The way the package was structured was so wonderful - I didn't feel I had to cram all my questions into one expensive session and stress if the time was ticking. I could email her anytime and access her replies when it suited me. She had great practical suggestions and tips for making funds stretch for a family. I loved the information sessions! Thanks Christina. "


"I'm so glad I decided to take Christina's 8 week course for my family. Christina is very down to earth, such a lovely person and very knowledgable. Doing the course through Christina took the stress off, with having constant support through the whole process. I have learnt a lot from the course and I  would highly recommend Christina. Thanks!!!"



Christina's help as we started out on the GAPS diet was invaluable. She understood the challenges and was able to advise me personally on issues that came up that were specific to our family. The insight she brought made it possible and gave me hope and encouragement to keep going. We have seen so many benefits, from my young daughters sleeping through the night instead of waking multiple times each, to my improved digestion and tolerance of many foods. I'm so thankful for her breadth of knowledge and her creativity with recipes!


You will not regret your time with Christina. Her knowledge is incredible , she has a genuine care for each and every family member and she always has the time to answer even your smallest questions. So thankful for the help she gave us, and look forward to utilising her in the future !


Working with Christina was one of the best things I've ever done for my health. Christina enthusiasm fired mine. The workshop was practical and simple. The samples were delicious and inspiring and it was great to have a product to take away and to be able to buy the kefir grains to get started immediately. Christina demystified kefir making the whole process so simple.   I just love the fresh tangy taste of kefir, coconut kefir is to die for and I love my kefir grains like pets.   Watching them grow is so exciting.   Having access to milk kefir whey also got me into lacto fermenting which I just love too. My insides have never been happier. The follow-up Facebook group is fantastic for trouble shooting and encouragement. I would heartily recommend anyone interested in healthy eating or just curious about fermenting to attend one of Christina workshops. Your immune system will love you for it.




I was in an awful place having started GAPS intro all by myself with my three children with just the book and the GAPS Facebook page.Christina is one of those people you don't happen upon many times in your lifetime.

I found the Facebook page that is for GAPS that Christina has, and I was hoping to have some minimal support through that. I ended up messaging her in tears as my children were in a really bad way detoxing off sugar and carbs and were so so sick and losing weight rapidly. I was at my wit's end. Christina told me about the intro to GAPS group she was running, and it (and her) have truly been a lifesaver.

Between the messages with Christina and the support of the other mums in the group, we have come so far as a family.

The ability to check the things we are doing at home and heaps of new ideas on foods when you have a food self-restricting six-year-old and two other children that like to keep you on your toes has been completely invaluable. Christina's knowledge of what do and how to do it in so many circumstances has blown me away! Christina also did info sessions on how our bodies work and all sorts of other cool and amazing things during the course. It has helped me to be a better mum to my children and to cope when I was embarking on such a huge lifestyle change. I seriously can never thank her enough for her support and friendship.

- Angie

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Working with a coach is a very personal experience, and part of that is knowing that you connect with the Coach and they connect with you.  I offer everyone a free 30 min coaching session for just that reason.   To sign up, you click this link


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