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My journey with health began over a decade ago when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was determined to understand what was going on. That was the starting point that I began to realise that everyone should be responsible for their own health, until that point I had just gone along mostly with what everyone told me was the truth without any investigation.   As I researched more and more I became increasingly interested in treating common issues with simple things that could be found in my own garden or at the supermarket.

In 2011 I started to learn about the GAPS Diet by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) to complement the cultured foods such as kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut we were already eating.
During the following eight months we saw better sleep, concentration and digestion, reduced brain fog, pain, less anxiety, more stable emotions, weight loss and a whole heap more. I also started my studies to become a Naturopath and started supporting many other families through the diet and also holding GAPS workshops to answer the many questions that people were asking.


Unfortunately, due to an extremely high-risk pregnancy that resulted in the loss of a twin, the premature birth of the other one culminating in Christina being on life support fighting for her life, I had to put her study on hold. Thankfully with the help of medical staff, blood donors and the prayers of many friends, family and strangers I pulled through. Although needed many hours in the OR having several surgeries and repair work, along with 178 units of blood. After a battle with depression and rebuilding my strength I also jumped back into her studies and passion in Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine.  As a family, we have adopted a GAPS and Nourishing Traditions Diet. 


Within one of the many roles that Christina plays along with health coach and therapeutic massage therapist she is also the Hobart Chapter Leader for the Western A Price Foundation and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you to gain better health.

Read about my journey with percreta   Surviving Percreta


In the first photo I was 10 months out of my percreta experience, I had my bladder bag removed for 7 months, had stopped losing blood from the surgery for 4 months before this, and been able to walk and do the shopping on my own for 2 months, and right around the time that I decided to start fighting to stay alive instead of hanging out for my life to be over.


The second photo is almost exactly 2 years later. I'm looking forward to the future, all ways growing and learning to make a better tomorrow for myself and my children and cherishing today that I'm still here to be with.









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